Skip the payment, not the fun.
Our Skip-A-Payment program is designed to alleviate some of your financial stress when you need it most. Simply complete and submit the application at least (5) days before your loan payment is due and we will do our best to help you hold on to your cash and skip that month’s payment.


  • Available year-round
  • Use on any of your qualifying Unity of Eatonville FCU Loans*
  • Use up to (2) Skip-A-Payments in one Calendar Year / Max (5) per life of loan.
  • Simple Application
  • Only (6) month on-time payment history required for personal loans / (1) year or (12) monthly payments for auto loans
  • $40 Upfront Fee

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*Members are limited to (2) extensions per calendar year, with a minimum of (60) days between each skip-a-pay. Members who have already executed an extension more than 2 times in a single calendar year or those with delinquent loans are not eligible. Members with auto loans, who have purchased GAP Insurance and elect to have more than (2) Skip-a-Payment extensions over the term of the loan, will be liable for any unpaid loan balance in the event of a Total Loss. New personal loans must have a minimum (6) month payment history to qualify for the Skip-A-Payment program. Auto loans must have a minimum (12) months payment history. We must receive this request at least (5) business days before your payment due date. This agreement must be signed by all signers of the loan agreement. Payments that have already been made cannot be refunded. All other terms and conditions of the loan(s) will remain the same. Home Equity loans, Promotional Loans, Secured Loans, and MasterCard® Credit Card payments are not eligible for the Skip-A-Payment Program.


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