The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply to and govern the electronic delivery of …etc…

You specifically agree to receive electronically your periodic UNITY account statement, credit card statement, loan statement, notices, and any other disclosures or communications regarding your relationship with UNITY. You may still receive correspondence and notices via postal service. When statements, notices and/or disclosures are available, you will receive an email message, along with instructions on how to access them. Notice to any account owner will be considered notice to all account owners. Any owner of this UNITY account has the right to establish an e-Statement service for an account.

Use of the UNITY Online & Mobile Banking service is required to access your statements, notices, disclosures. You agree not to give or make available to unauthorized individuals your password or other means of access to your account or account records. If you permit other persons access to your account information, you may be responsible for any transactions they conduct on your account(s). If you believe that your password or other means to access your account has been lost or stolen, or that someone may attempt to use your account information without your consent or has transferred money without your permission, you must notify UNITY at once by calling …

Electronic delivery of your statements, notices and disclosures is available for all account types. You have the right, upon 10-day notice, to withdraw this consent for electronic delivery of your account statements, notices and disclosures and again receive them by mail in paper form. This action may result in the assessment of fees on certain accounts. Refer to the current Consumer Fee Schedule. You may withdraw your consent by secure chat through UNITY Online & Mobile Banking, by written and signed request sent to UNITY Credit Union, P.O. Box, MAITLAND FL , or by telephone at ……

UNITY provides a history of your statements online for your access. Not all notices are currently available in electronic format and you may receive a notice by mail at the address on file for your account. You may request a paper copy of any e-Notice sent to you within 90 days or a paper copy of your account statement by contacting us by telephone at……, or visiting any branch. There is a fee for each copy requested. Refer to current Fee Schedule.

You must have a device the meets minimum hardware and software requirements. For a list of these requirements, please visit our System Requirements page. You are responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of devices used to access UNITY services. UNITY is not responsible for errors or failures from any malfunction of any device used, or attempted to use, for account access. UNITY is also not responsible for viruses or related problems associated with use of any online system. Statements, notices, tax forms and disclosures will be available in a PDF file format; you will need Adobe® Reader® or another PDF viewer is required to view the statements, notices, and disclosures and access to a printer to print the documents. Adobe® Reader® may be downloaded at the time of retrieval.

Your current valid email address is required in order for you to obtain UNITY Online & Mobile Banking Services. You agree to keep UNITY informed of any changes to your email address. You may change your email address through Profile & Settings – Personal Information. If you have multiple accounts at UNITY, you are required to update your e-mail address for each account. UNITY may notify you through email when updated disclosures and agreements are available. It is your responsibility to use UNITY Online & Mobile Banking regularly to check for Electronic Communications.

Electronic delivery of your statements, notices and disclosures will be terminated if you or UNITY terminate your UNITY Online & Mobile Banking access. Refer to the Online & Mobile Banking Agreements and Disclosures for additional information. After termination of Online & Mobile Banking access, paper statements, notices and disclosures will be mailed to the address on file for your account.


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